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CBD Gummies: 5 things you need to know

Jelly beans, sweets or candies are products that brighten our palate and offer us small moments of happiness, with something as simple as a sweet. 

Sensitive CBD Gummy Bears are more than just a sweet treat, they are a perfect blend of that little moment of joy that a sweet and fruity snack provides, with the relaxing and anti-stress effects of Cannabidiol.

1- What are theWhat do the Sensitive CBD jelly beans look like? 

The new "CBD Gummies"You will love them, they are a star product all over the world, a market trend in 2021. The new gummies with their soft and juicy texture will make the difference. Served in a convenient and compact 125 ml format, 50 units of extreme sweetness and inner peace ready to enhance your day. Loaded with 5 milligrams of Cannabidiol extract and 0% of THC, these little colourful bears will be your new trick up your sleeve to easily mediate those everyday stressful moments. 

CBD jelly beans
CBD gummies are discreet, practical and very tasty.
2- What is the ideal dose? 

The ideal dosage of CBD products is a subject that requires a few minutes to understand and, above all, to use correctly. We previously published the first part of the article Optimal CBD Dose? Part 1 where you will find information about dosage. 

In summary, to find our ideal dosage using CBD we must be clear that: - Each of the Sensitive CBD teddy bears contains 5 milligrams of Cannabidiol0% of THC, and contain no, 0% of THC, are broad-spectrum

There is no universal ideal dose.

- Each person has his or her own Endocannabinoid systemwhich responds differently to cannabinoids (CBD, THC, CBG, etc.). 

- We can make an approximate calculation taking into account the person's weight, height, gender and age, but we will not get a definitive figure. - Start with the minimum dose, which can be one gummy (5mg) or half a gummy (2.5mg). 

- Increase the dose gently, at intervals of 30 min or more, until the desired effect is achieved. 

- Always consult your family doctor.

3- Why are CBD jelly beans the best option?

They can be used anywhere and at any time, do not give off any odour, fumes or vapour, and are extremely discreet, 1 – 0

There are 3 flavours in the same pack, so you can take your daily dose of CBD without repeating flavours, 2 – 0. 

Back to the doses, on average, between 10-25mg of CBD is used per day. At 5mg per gummy, it's easy to do the maths, 3 – 0. 

...And there's more, they have nothing to do with THC, This means that they are fully suitable for any EU country. 4 – 0 

Did we mention that they are delicious?

CBD jelly beans
jelly beans Sensitive CBD
4- What are their effects, are they effective, and are there any adverse effects? 

The effects of Sensitive CBD gummies do not vary from the effects produced by a oil, some capsules or a steamer. The benefits of the plant are many, and in each of the named applications provide similar effects as long as we take equivalent doses. Equivalent because the effectiveness of the oils or the sweets will not be directly proportional, there are forms of use with greater or lesser bioavailability. In general we can say that vaporising is usually the route with the fastest effects, and a medium bioavailability. Gummies or oils, if used sublingually, have a higher bioavailability. Capsules and other products that are absorbed through digestion have a higher bioavailability, but the effects are the slowest. 

5- Flavours 

The new Sensitive CBD product has 3 delicious flavours of pineapple, cherry and kiwi, which you will enjoy without remorse and which will give you that dose of cannabis you need to get the best out of yourself in every situation, leaving aside the negative influence of anxiety and stress. 

Buy them in your nearest Sensitive CBD shop: Barcelona (08002 and 08003), Figueres, Igualada and Tarragona, specialists in Hemp and CBD.


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